☞ Interesting Reading

  • Interesting interview with Mark, who I consider one of the key thinkers of the software freedom movement. I think too many people criticise him too much while failing to understand the larger picture of his philosophy. When we look back in the future, Mark will be seen as one of the most imprtant change-makers in the history of software freedom – and I mean good change.
  • New York Times article that may surprise you. Warren Buffet has always been an atypical billionaire, and I think he’s speaking sense here given the system we have (rather than some ideal system we don’t have).
  • More reasons to avoid fast food, as if I needed any more.
  • While it sounds a little sacrilegious to do this to decent whisky, I do like the idea of the “oak ice cream” and of the “grey dog” from an elderly whisky. The prospect of recombining the best bits of several whiskys is interesting too.
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