☝ FLOSS Weekly 204 – DeltaCloud

Randal and I interviewed David Lutterkort from the Apache DeltaCloud Project yesterday on FLOSS Weekly and the show is already live for online viewing and listening. DeltaCloud is an abstraction layer that allows you to write cloud applications that are cloud platform independent, so you are both future-proof and not locked in. It’s an interesting project […]

☝ Worsening Patent Wars

Yahoo’s litigation against Facebook is one more example in an unending sequence that demonstrates patents are now primarily a weapon to chill competition rather than a protection for innovation. Read more over at ComputerWorldUK.

☝ OIN’s New Linux Definition Excludes Consumer Devices

Are you safer from software patents today, or more at risk? The news that the Open Invention Network (OIN) has extended the definition of “Linux” so that more software is covered by its patent pool is good news, no question. But the new definition also includes carve-outs that put all Linux developers on notice that […]

☝ Lessig! Doctorow! London!

The Open Rights Conference is coming up in London on March 24 and has a glittering array of speakers including Lawrence Lessig and Cory Doctorow. Read all about it over on ComputerWorldUK!

☝ A Bright Future For LibreOffice

Following on from my blog post at ComputerWorldUK, InfoWorld in the US asked me if I would write a column for them about LibreOffice. I gathered together the rather large number of positive news releases from the community in February and found a very positive story writing itself. You can find it at InfoWorld Open […]

☝ Why I Want My Pi

The Raspberry Pi reminds me of my youth – it’s a gadget like that which got me interested in technology in the first place. I hope the Pi will tempt today’s generation in a similar direction Read more at ComputerWorldUK.

☝ LibreOffice Matures

Now finally and firmly established as an independent entity, The Document Foundation and LibreOffice are a refreshing story of community triumphing over adversity. Read more over at ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Eolas Verdict A Hollow Victory

With news breaking that apparently Eolas decade-plus attempt to tax innovation on the internet is finally over, I look at the context and find myself lacking reassurance in today’s column on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ A New OSI For A New Decade

OSI is changing, and you can help!  I spoke at FOSDEM in Brussels on Saturday, on behalf of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) where I serve as a director. My noon keynote covered a little of the rationale behind OSI, a quick synopsis of its last decade and then announcements about the work we’re doing […]

☝ ACTA’s Back

Are the European Commission just trying to provoke us? Having seen the depth of feeling over SOPA and PIPA, you would expect the European Commission to regard ACTA as a hot topic. But not a bit of it – they almost seem to relish the confrontation by getting member states to sign it almost before […]