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  • This is outstanding; I can now have WordPress ping me when someone comments on my blog (as well as subscribing to other blogs to see when they are updated). Lovely feature, thanks WordPress.
  • By way of a bookmark as I am sure I will need to refer back to this one day as it contains Resolution 1 (proposed by Oracle, seconded by BEA) “It is the sense of the Executive Committee that the JCP become an open independent vendor-neutral Standards Organization where all members participate on a level playing field .”
  • This free sampler on Amazon US (only) has ten pretty good tracks as long as you are a fan of tango/bossa nova-style music.

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  1. Simon:

    The Jabber support for WP sounds awesome! My big concern about WP is security — seems the “attack surface” is large… How do you maintain it so it’s both cool AND safe?

    I recall a post a long time ago from sogrady about pulling nightly from version control… is that the best practice?


    • I’ve left that all to wordpress.com – I hope that was wise!

  2. Bossa Nova came out of the educated classes in 1950s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a contrast to the hotter samba and frevo, in some sense a descendant of the prior choro tradition from Rio.

    Tango is from Argentina, but came from male-dominated dancing in urban bordellos, and then had a few waves of evolution through the 20th century. Usually considered an urban music, although there are definitely folkloric tangoistas.

    Argentinian folklore music is varied, but I really like the cross-cultural chamame from the cross-border plateaus.

    Minor quibble I know… just jarring, like talking about a Commodore C64 mobile phone or such. 😉

    • Thanks, John! I was just indicating the range of styles rather than making a precise statement, but your posting certainly adds colour.

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