☞ Turning Point Discussions

  • It was a long session, but the conversation flowed between me, John Newton and Luis Sala of Alfresco and FLOSS Weekly anchor Randal Schwartz.
  • Nothing new to people who understood software freedom from the beginning to mean open collaboration between equal participants, but all the same it’s good to see an analyst saying it. Given previous analysis latency this presumably means we’ll hear Forrester saying it in 2014, VCs investing on the basis of it by 2015 and Gartner inventing it for the first time around 2017 😉
  • Excellent summary of the situation from O’Grady (as usual). The only thing lacking is speculation about the new power distribution in the community. With Oracle winning the bet that might would defeat right, there seems space for some analysis of whether the Java community just became sharecroppers.
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