☞ Responses

  • Robust reply from Red Hat concerning their decision to stop sharing details of the patches they are applying to the Linux kernel with non-subscribers. On the assumption that all the work they do on the open source code itself is committed upstream, I can see no reason at all why this step is wrong. It may make them less helpful to other developers who have come to depend on them, but they do have to defend themselves against competitive attackers and this seems a good compromise that breaks no rules.
  • While it’s good to see the governance opening up as it needs to, I am told by those in the xisting community that no-one was consulted about this change. Let’s hope the result is more open. I’ve asked them if they can fill an Open-By-Rule grid for me, awaiting a reply.
  • Andrew Updegrove takes the BSA’s self-serving and false argument apart and finds it as hollow as instinct said it would be.


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