☞ Reputation and Regulation

  • Really excellent advice here on how to handle customer engagement. As one of the comments says this is a typical profile – both of attitude and skill – for a community manager, and that’s a job that is undervalued by some and in hot demand by others. I’ve used B&H off and on for many years, both in their quirky New York store and online, and every time has been a good thing. 

    On a related note, if you are a community manager looking for a job, send me an e-mail with your background explaining why – I have a small list of people hunting for the perfect person to hire.

  • This illustrates the wider truth that it’s impossible to regulate what’s illegal. The big weakness of dictatorial platform control – setting aside it’s abhorrent disregard of customer freedoms – is that it encourages an ecosystem to evolve beyond the influence of the platform owner. While Apple can deal with malware that sneaks into the AppStore (and it inevitably will), a philosophy that opposes uncontrolled software encourages dependence on software that has to stay underground to survive, with the consequent risk of it being exploited for evil as well as for innovation. 

    We saw it in the Prohibition, we can see it in the ridiculous “war on drugs” and we’ll see it anywhere people assume “technical measures” can comprehensively succeed. Apple may tar it with a black brush but ultimately it’s a demon they invoked themselves.

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