☞ Open (Source) Data

  • It’s early days, but it seems liberating the OpenOffice.org community from the contributor agreement and excessive vetting has helped more than sixty (yes, 60) people decide to try their hand at co-development on LibreOffice. This rare experiment seems to show that an open-by-rule community really does encourage participation. The big lesson for Project Harmony is that there are very real – and significant – disadvantages to demanding a contributor agreement as a precondition of participation.
  • While I have no problem at all with Canonical innovating, I fear that part of their motivation in developing in isolation from the GNOME community is becuase otherwise they would be unable to maintain ownership of the resulting code – presumably this is one of the drivers for them initiating Project Harmony. So I’m interested in Dave’s analysis that suggests they may have failed to learn the lessons of history from other before them who have tried the same thing.
  • I’m delighted and honoured to have been invited to deliver a keynote for European PostgreSQL developers at PGDay Europe 2010 in Stuttgart on December 6th. I’d love to see you there.
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