☝ The End Of The Road For Web Services

The news is out that WS-I will now be absorbed by OASIS according to their PDF release. They told us back in July that it was going to happen. As far as I can tell, that’s the end of the WS-* family of specifications – there will be no more, and they are destined purely for “maintenance” at OASIS. They will be with enterprise developers for years to come, a kind of architectural COBOL.

In case your computer industry history is lacking, WS-I (“Web Services Interoperability Organization”) is the industry consortium that got together a decade ago to create specifications for Web Services protocols (note the capitals, so as not to confuse with actual internet services that use HTTP and REST for loosely-coupled data access). Formed mainly as a competitive action by IBM and Microsoft, they went on to create massively complex layered specifications for conducting transactions across the Internet. Sadly, that was the last thing the Internet really needed.

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