☆ Giving Up Yahoo

NO YAHOO!Yahoo Messenger is the only IM network I use where I am bothered daily by spam-porn-bots attempting to add me to their contact lists. Some days there are as many as 10 requests waiting when I log in. I don’t know what it is about Yahoo that makes their service so scummy, but it’s not stopping and I’m tired of it.

I don’t remember the last time anyone I actually wanted to talk with used Yahoo Messenger, so this blog posting is a request to anyone who knows me and uses Yahoo Messenger to make sure you have an account on something else – pretty much anything else, actually 🙂 – so we can stay in touch. I plan to remove Y! from Pidgin, Adium and the rest on Tuesday.

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  1. I get no IMs from Yahoo. Even from the few people using Yahoo IM in my address book.

    I think your ID is just special. 🙂

  2. Welcome to the club! 😀

    BTW, I’ve burried a bit around the proprietary IM servides I used until recently and let’s say if I was a cow, I’d be giving sour milk for years! O_o

    If we skip the standard issue of storing logs and non-encrypted communication, here’s a few woes:
    – there is no option to remove your Yahoo account; you have to *write* them;
    – by agreeing with the ToS you transfer a bizarly huge amount of your (IP) rights to ICQ; also there is *no* way to delete your account.

    I wrote more about this issue, why switch to XMPP/Jabber and how to talk your contacts into it:

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