☞ Clarion Call

  • Stallman is right to call the alarm on unitary patents. We need to resume the defence of the barricades against the pro-patent lobby. It’s worth noting, however, that the reason the pro-patent lobby pulled the plug last time (as Stallman says) was not because of the street protests themselves but becuase of the targeted lobbying they permitted. Now would be a great time to consider a donation to the Open Rights Group or FSFE to make sure there will be people in a position to do that direct engagement with legislators this time round; the people who did it last time are no longer available.
  • Nokia’s journey to open source seems to have run off the road at stage 3. This bit of history from Bradley is worth reading.
  • The Document Foundation and LibreOffice take their next step forward. I’m pleased to be able to contribute in a small way by serving as the Elections Officer so that all the other leaders there are free to stand for election.
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