☞ Patently Bad

  • “Patents make a lot of sense in many industries …. But in software these are just nuclear weapons in an arms race. They don’t foster innovation, they inhibit it.”
  • “The initial findings reported here … suggest that software entrepreneurs do not find persuasive the canonical story that patents provide strong incentives to invest in technology innovation.”
  • “the history of innovation in the IT industry is much less a story of the free flow of ideas than the free flow of labor.” — I don’t agree with Brian for a moment that we should accept the imposition of software patents in this sort of quid pro quo, but his warning to heed the risks of trade secrets and non-competes should be heeded.
  • Just as in the early days of blogging people were keen to publicize examples of people “fired for blogging” when actually they were fired for something else but a blog was involved in learning about it, so we see stories that blame social media for things that are actually rooted in the world of atoms.

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