★ Open Source Trade Associations Lack Sanctions

Software patents are broken and the only possible justification for having them is self-defence (which is itself a risky accumulation of armaments that can easily fall into the wrong hands). It seems plenty of important members of both the Linux Foundation and the Open Invention Network make public assertions claiming they believe that, so there should surely be no objection to equipping both of these trade associations with firm, meaningful sanctions.

Read on over at ComputerWorldUK.

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  1. You mention in the main article that OIN is a trade association. I know that they try to make themselves seem like such, but AFAICT, they are not actually a trade association. Linux Foundation, for its part, is

    • That’s correct, yes – LF is structured in US law as a not-for-profit trade association for the benefit of its members and OIN as a for-profit corporation.

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