☞ Liberation and its Opponents

  • “About four months ago, Ed Felten blogged about a research paper in which Hari Prasad, Rop Gonggrijp, and I detailed serious security flaws in India’s electronic voting machines. Indian election authorities have repeatedly claimed that the machines are tamperproof, but we demonstrated important vulnerabilities by studying a machine provided by an anonymous source. The story took a disturbing turn a little over 24 hours ago, when my coauthor Hari Prasad was arrested by Indian authorities demanding to know the identity of that source.” — It’s always easier to shoot the messenger than to heed and act on the message, especially when the message tells you something that harms your political agenda.
  • Fascinating conjecture in this Spiegel article.
  • “Odd as it may be, Oracle’s decision to fork is actually a relief to those of us whose businesses depend on OpenSolaris: instead of waiting for Oracle to engage the community, we can be secure in the knowledge that no engagement is forthcoming — and we can invest and plan accordingly. “
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