★ OpenSolaris Governing Board Resigns

I’m very sad to report that, as expected, it proved necessary for the OpenSolaris Governing Board to collectively resign today. The motion was as follows:


Motion concerning dissolution of the OGB

Whereas Oracle has continued to ignore requests to appoint a liaison to work with the OGB concerning the future of OpenSolaris development and our community, and
Whereas Oracle distributed an email to its employees on Aug 13 2010 that set forth Oracle’s decision to unilaterally terminate the development partnership between Oracle and the OpenSolaris Community, and
Whereas, without the continued support and participation of Oracle in the open development of OpenSolaris, the OGB and the community Sun/Oracle created to support the open Solaris development partnership have no meaning, and
Whereas the desire and enthusiasm for continuing open development of the OpenSolaris code base has clearly passed out of Oracle’s (and thus this community’s) hands into other communities,

Be it Resolved that the OpenSolaris Governing Board hereby collectively resigns, noting that under the terms of the OpenSolaris Charter section 1.1 (and Constitution 1.3.5) the responsibility to appoint an OGB passes to Oracle.

The motion passed unopposed.

As I said in the meeting, huge thanks are due key members of the OpenSolaris team at Sun who have stuck with the project despite an enormous change of context. I would like to specially recognise Alan Coopersmith and Jim Grisanzio for their wisdom and patience.

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  1. Very sad indeed. 😦 Hopefully Illumos will succeed.

  2. Illumos has little chance without access to the huge pool of core Solaris engineering talent that Oracle has, IMHO. The few ‘big names’ that have left Oracle represent a tiny fraction of the manpower required to develop an enterprise-class operating system.

  3. I wouldn’t rule out Illumos yet, snow ball effect, that’s some pretty sweet code, combined with the existing OpenSolaris based distro’s, like Nexenta, I think it’ll do just fine.

  4. Big question: what happens to the “doughnuts” OpenSolaris logo?

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