☞ Working The System

  • After an unpleasant wake-up call (caused, I am assured, by an administrative error) where their whole community resource was shut down for a week or more without warning, recourse or an end-date, the Hudson community has “rehosted and carried on” independently of Oracle. Yes, I am aware that the java.net migration was expected; but the Hudson move wasn’t, yet.
  • Of interest mainly to UK readers, there’s a campaign in progress to rig the pop charts again this Christmas and once again disrupt the crass self-enrichment of the modern pop svengalis. They were so full of self-righteous indignation last year they missed the whole point, accusing rage Against The Machine instead of seeing how the campaign was critical of their formulaic exploitation of the TV-drugged masses. So this year the Christmas Number One is John Cage’s 4′ 33″ – let’s vote for a Silent Night this year!
  • Prompted by concerns like the ones I expressed, Novell has issued a statement confirming that they will retain the UNIX copyrights they own.
  • The Guardian has an award for open source activity this year. Pity there’s an entry fee, since that clearly excludes non-commercial open source innovations, but at least it’s a start.
  • If you’re using FireFox, there’s really no reason not to install this plug-in by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It makes sure all your connections to social media sites (and more) are secure, preventing the sort of privacy intrusion FireSheep enables.
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