✈ Speaking at Campus Party Brasil on Saturday

I’ve reached São Paulo ready to speak at Campus Party tomorrow after Steve Wozniak in the evening. Here’s the abstract for the talk:

Lessons for copyright reform from open source software

The open source revolution started because hackers wanted the freedom to work together to make great software. But it’s grown up and become the key source of innovation in the software industry. Open source software has unique business value that’s simply not available from proprietary software, and allows ways of creating software that would be impossible if the copyright wasn’t freely licensed.
With Brazil reaching a turning point in copyright reform, what lessons can be drawn from the success of the open source movement? This talk will look at the history and social context of open source, identify some of the unique business benefits and suggests lessons on copyright and patents that can be applied to other sections of society.

All suggestions welcome for what I should actually say 🙂

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