☞ Not Wild Just Alive

  • Excellent article.

    The internet does not exist as untouchable. Morality and the rule of law do apply to the actions people do there. The question is whether those laws are appropriate. … And the proper response, if there is “unsuitable” (unsuitable to whom, by the way?) content is to go after those who produced and distributed it. Not to seek to block access and sweep it under the rug. That’s denial. Let’s live in reality.

    Time to reject the frame, I’d say.

  • Roberto’s review of OSI’s governance reforms correctly points out that individuals are very important to OSI. I hope the new governance will grealy expand the number of individuals able to contribute significantly and directly to OSI’s mission to advance open source and unite its communities.
  • CIX is still the hosting provider for the static parts of my web site, just as it has been ever since they introduced those novel “web page” things a couple of decades ago. I too still have my CIX “sphipps” ID and mail to it still works fine.
  • I wish I’d had the conceptual overview of Asterisk in AOSA when I first encountered Asterisk. Explaining the concepts clearly like that should be a mandatory part of every open source application’s documentation.
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