☝ eG8, Control Points and NameCoin

As the pressure on and from political leaders to “regulate” the internet mounts, the need for basic infrastructure to switch from hierarchical to distributed control is becoming more urgent. The week has seen a number of developments that highlight the growing conflict between those with vested interests in centralised control of the web and those who believe control points are a form of defect. Read about it on ComputerWorldUK.

☞ Future-proofing

  • With internet-control-freak politics everywhere now – just look at eG8 and PROTECTIP for example – the need for distributed infrastructure beyond the control of any entity is getting stronger and stronger. This new project uses the same approach (same code, in fact) as BitCoin and creates a distributed DNS where everyone gets to be their own domain registrar in a safe way. It’s a very young project, but I am certain we need something like this soon. Otherwise the lobbyist-driven actions of our political leadership will soon render citizen-empowered innovation impossible.
  • This clear explanation of the hole UK schools have got themselves in with ICT rings true for me. I remember around 5 years ago explaining very clearly to the headmaster of a local school why the new infrastructure he was creating in his new school buildings needed to use virtualisation, thin clients and open source software for as much as possible, and then watching him install Windows PCs everywhere. I bet that school has the mother of all legacy issues today.
  • I like the story at the start of this, but it’s mainly notable for the insight in the comments that Matthew Aslett is not a fan of open core.
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