☞ From Around The World

  • Interested by how few European participants there are in GSoC. Does this reflect poor support for FOSS or a reluctance to sign on to a programme that’s widely seen as a disguised graduate recruiting activity?
  • Strong statement here from TDF shows they have the support needed to take the former promise of OpenOffice forward. They have multiple, participating vendors operating as equals in their Engineering Steering Committee. They have a global community of localisers. They have a roadmap that’s driving ongoing releases. They have the organisational backing to keep them going and a pot of money to spend. Fine work – I hope the remaining hold-outs can sink their differences and join in with TDF to make LibreOffice the revitalised success that the world needs it to be. Indeed, that’s what TDF leader Florian Effenberger says himself.
  • Product Notification: Skype for Asterisk – end of sale – July 26, 2011
    Unless Microsoft are going to surprise us all by releasing the Asterisk modules as open source, this is a depressing indication of Microsoft’s true intentions with Skype, as well as a wake-up call to all the FOSS people who have been “sleeping with the enemy” and treating Skype as excusably closed.

☝ A liberating betrayal?

Having suspended disbelief for as long as I could, my ability to take Microsoft at their word over Skype was shattered today by the announcement by Digium, sponsors of the Asterisk project, that they have been told they can no longer sell their Asterisk-Skype interaction module after July 26. In one move, we have illustrated the risk of a hybrid open source model, the danger of dependency on a proprietary system, a proof that Microsoft still can’t be trusted with open source and an impetus to open source innovation.

All in one announcement.  Read all about it on ComputerWorldUK.

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