✈ Speaking at OSBC

Golden Gate In CloudIf you’re at the Open Source Business Conference, OSBC, in San Francisco today and tomorrow, you have three opportunities to hear me speak (or three sessions to scrupulously avoid, depending on your taste). They are:

  • Why You Need an Open Cloud Platform to Build a SaaS, Monday 11:40-12:30
    On this large panel, I’ll be commenting on the fact that there’s no way you can guarantee that you’ll not be locked in with a cloud solution today. Just as with other software solutions where your software freedoms are threatened, that doesn’t mean avoid them blindly, but it’s important to look for suppliers who actively protect the four freedoms in addition to promoting data freedom. This is also a context where community sentinels may be useful.
  • Harmony from Chaos: Understanding Project Harmony, Monday 14:00-14:50
    Several participants in Project Harmony will be discussing both the goals of the project (the creation of a set of “standard” contribution licensing agreements for open source projects) and the current beta-quality drafts. I’ll be expressing my doubts about the need for CLAs and encouraging the audience to consider the community impact of having them.
  • A New OSI for a New Decade: Rebooting the Open Source Initiative, Tuesday 15:00-15:50
    I’ll be leading a session, with other OSI Directors, explaining OSI’s plans for restructuring and the timescales and opportunities to get involved.

In all three cases I have a suspicion I may be an isolated voice in a conference that seems to have a lot of sessions about things like software patents, avoiding the “risks” associated with the GPL and other topics that would be amazingly controversial at FOSDEM or FISL. If you’re there, your support would be most welcome!

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