☝ BT, Set My Music Free!

The Free Software Foundation Europe has a new campaign group in the UK, and their first target is BT’s upcoming music streaming service. Read about it over on ComputerWorldUK.

☞ Reasons to be Open

  • Of course, that’s not the only reason! This is a fine sentiment, but having been involved in end-of-life cases for products I know that it’s often not possible. While it seems to an outsider that all that’s needed is publication of the details, it’s not that simple.

    The company has to make sure it has the rights to do so; has to invest in preparing the details for publication; has to identify an negotiate a home for them; has to explain to executives and/or investors why an asset is being discarded. But I would certainly encourage companies to at least consider it and not just discard the idea before it’s been thought through.

  • Amazingly detailed explanation of Amazon’s cloud outage incident, along with the steps they are taking to prevent it recurring and compensation for affected users. Bravo.
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