☂ Flattr Is Back

Flattr is a system that allows you to show your satisfaction with things you find on the internet by making tiny gifts to them. If enough people make the tiny gifts, they build up into a more substantial payment, with the result that authors can be rewarded by their readership. Sounds like a great idea.

I used to have a Flattr button on here, but there was a distinct problem. In order to receive gifts, my account had to be reloaded with cash each month so that I could also make gifts myself. But at that stage, there were virtually no english-language web sites with Flattr buttons on them – they were all in German (since Flattr started in Germany). Since my payments would just go to waste, and since without making payment I couldn’t receive them either, I removed the button.

On Sunday, however, Flattr removed this requirement, so I have added the Flattr button back to the web site (it’s down in the bottom right margin) and will be very grateful of any gifts (as well as very interested to see if any happen!)

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