☞ A Chain Of Cause And Effect

  • Excellent and insightful comments from SSRC on the BSA’s as-poor-as-you’d-expect 2010 report. I just hope that there are legislators taking note of this research.
  • Given we all know their reports are biased rubbish now that SSRC has published their report, why do they keep publishing it? It’s because it is part of the foodchain – along with uncritical politicians who can’t distinguish between lobbyists and citizens – that leads to bad laws like the US PROTECTIP Act and the Digital Economy Act in the UK. The BSA’s report is specifically engineered to trigger over-reaching, citizen-hostile legislation. The BSA’s position is the ultra-extremist end-of-scale marker that ought to be regarded as such as we take a much more moderate view as the basis of legislation. Instead it’s taken as fact by credulous legislators. All the time they keep being rewarded, they’ll keep publishing.
  • With the regulatory capture of the USA’s copyright system pretty much complete, last year’s COICA has mutated into this year’s PROTECTIP with the lip service responses to criticisms of the proposed legislation actually rendering it even more harmful. The tragedy here is that there’s no-one at all to speak for culture, for youth, for posterity, for artists and for the collaborative creativity of the 21st century. It seems to me there’s no reform possible since all the people who would draft new approaches are in the pockets of the very industries needing regulation.
  • Here’s a more detailed look at PROTECTIP.
  • Is there really no-one in the White House who can see the irony that the US is demanding an end to state interference abroad while the Protect IP Act and the grand jury investigating Wikileaks are both in progress in the USA?
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