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OpenSolaris Logo§ I am standing in the election for the OpenSolaris Governing Board one last time (this would be my third consecutive term if elected, so it has to be the last time). Each term has been quite different to the others, and I have no doubt this next year will be very different again for the OpenSolaris community.

Since I no longer work at Sun, I’d like to make clear what my “platform” is in this election in addition to my candidate statement.

  • I have been involved in the OpenSolaris project right from the start. While I know where all the bodies are buried, I believe it is better to act on that knowledge by looking to the future.
  • I have no corporate affiliation of any kind at present. However, I have previously worked for corporations for nearly 30 years and have an excellent grasp of their metabolism.
  • I am a free software advocate and activist, with connections to all parts of the free/open source software movement.
  • While I have been a prominent advocate of OpenSolaris and believe the technology it contains is the best available, I am actually platform agnostic and believe in open standards, open source and open communities. Which is good, since OpenSolaris represents an eclectic aggregation of technologies rather than a monoculture…
  • My goal at the OGB this year will be to help OpenSolaris become better integrated in the wider open source landscape, rather than standing alone as it has so far.

I encourage you to go vote right now if you are eligible to do so, and most especially to ratify the new OpenSolaris Constitution which I believe is essential if the new OGB is to be able to focus on anything other than bureacracy.

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  1. I wish you success in the election Simon and I am glad you are sticking around despite leaving Sunacle, it shows that you are truly passionate about the community and open source.

    • Thanks Ché, appreciated!

      My biggest concern is that the new Constitution won’t be adopted. If that happens I’ll resign (assuming I’m elected) as there’s no way I want to spend another year with governance as the main agenda item. It’s time to move on.

  2. I voted for the new constituition as well as for you. This will be my third year in a row that I voted for you. I am also a free and OPEN source software advocate and the items on my mind of late is growing the community, and opening or replacing the closed bins. Lastly I would like to see OpenSolaris as a platform that can fully build and bootstrap itself in an open way without being so horribly tricky and technical that a motivated user could not just “do it”. The problem is .. I love the Sun Studio compiler tools and those are not open. Maybe we can not have everything.

  3. If I was a CC I would vote for you right away. Good luck!

    I really hope we can get Oracle to make OpenSolaris really 100% open and not this “selective” openness that we see today.

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