☞ Modernising Privacy

  • This is a welcome development, one we need to see replicated in other subject areas and other countries. Most of the law we have is based on assumptions from an era that has passed.

    The old hub-and-spoke approach to the world – with central control and subject-citizens-consumers – is rapidly being replaced with a meshed world of equals, connected peer-to-peer across the net. We need laws that reflect that reality. The concepts behind the old laws are almost all still valid, but they need re-projection through the lens of a meshed society to allow us to live lives that are private, empowered and full of richness. This privacy coalition is a great step forward, finding as it has a common point between its participants motivations to unite them for reform.

    Now we need to also identify similar common points for unity around access to knowledge, freedom to create, open data and software freedom.

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  1. I have to wonder if there might be grounds for (now) Oracle to file a civil suit against him.. I know I wouldn’t be too heartbroken…

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