☞ Fixes, needed and delivered

  • In the gentlest possible way considering the reactions of other commentators, Geist points to the “stakeholder meeting” held by the European Commission’s lead ACTA negotiator. It’s clear even from Geist that the meeting was a very bad indicator for the process. In fact, the meeting was purely cosmetic, solely so that the Commission can claim it has “consulted stakeholders” without the need to even respect commentary let alone assimilate it.

    The Commission is clearly operating with a fortress mentality that regards all inquiries from new sources as juvenile. It believes its own work to be above reproach and of an urgency that justifies security and confidentiality worthy of the soviet Kremlin or of George Bush’s administration. It seems to have “gone rogue”.

    The consultation was a signal to us all that we have a serious problem with Europe’s civil service and that we need to demand our elected representatives intervene, to fix both the ACTA issue itself and the attitude that puts non-corporate insight, citizen interest and MEP challenge on a level beneath contempt.

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